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Working with local school districts, the Florida Leaders.net Regional Institutes provide principals with hands-on practical training and on-line support to assist them in including technology into their school improvement planning process and in modeling effective uses of technology as school leaders.
To see how many school leaders have completed the Florida Leaders .net Regional Training Institute use the map on your right to select your region

Our statewide network of Certified Master Trainers have provided the Florida Leaders.net Institute Curriculum to over 3000 school leaders throughout the state on a regional basis. A key component of Florida Leaders.net is our network of retired principals providing one-on-one coaching and mentoring support statewide to Florida's principals.

To identify your region's Certified Master Trainers and Professional Partners, use the map to select your region.

Trained and experienced in both leadership and technology; our master trainers, Professional Partners and staff are available to assist all Florida school principals in their school improvement efforts.

Additional Services Provided by Florida Leaders.net

Administrative Guide to Technology Leadership

Florida Leaders.net has partnered with A.E.L. to provide nine on-line courses for all participating Florida school administrators. These free courses, moderated by our Professional Partners, provide you with in- images depth learning in technology Leadership, on-going support to improve your leadership skills and opportunities to apply for in-service credit through your school district and/or regional ACEE. "Click here" to learn more information about AGTL.

Florida Leaders.net has partnered with Palm Inc. to provide Palm Certified Educational Training Coordinators to assist your district and/or school in integrating handheld computer technology into your administrative and educational practice. Click the picture for a list of our Palm Certified Educational Training Coordinators and the Florida Palm Educational Training Provider for more information.

The TAGLIT on-line assessment tool for your school requires a special password that you receive as part of your Florida Leaders.net Institute. It will enable you to work with your faculty to complete your on-line assessments, receive your school's results and develop appropriate strategies for inclusion into the school improvement planning process at your school.

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